Trending Educational Toys For Kids

Admit it, as parents, we are constantly looking for ways and means to teach our kids about everything: Geography, history, math, arts, literature, music and science, etc. We start this as soon as they begin to take their first footsteps. We know the world is competitive and we want our children to be the best leaders they can be. They should know everything. So, we are always looking for some sources to teach them with basic skills and knowledge. But unfortunately, there are not enough tools when it comes to teach them with efficiency. Surely books are the best source for this purpose, but it does not attract young children as much as other things do. They want constant interaction, and utilization of all of their senses. So, they are more inclined towards playing with their toys instead.

Luckily enough for us, developers are using computer knowledge to integrate education into toys. It has become easy to find Buy Sphero Bolt Australia. Some of the educational toys online that can be sought after and bought are enlisted below:

Chip: It is an interactive robotic pet puppy with an integrated circuit programmed to greet you at the door. With AI advancement, chip can find where his owner is. Chip is obedient and can follow commands. You can teach him tricks as he can learn new things. The more the skills he learns, the more badges he earns. When you like something Chip does, you just press the like button on your specialized watch and Chip will recognize it.

Robel: you can schedule Robel for security home control. Robel 360-degree dynamic monitoring system on the front and back camera keeps your family safe and sound. It can charge itself on its own. Your child will develop interest in the way it functions and can receive voicemail and important video messages from you if you have a sudden office meeting. It will not let your child feel alone. The best thing about it is that it reads bed time stories to your child. With a collection of hundreds of stories, your child will never get bored of the repetition, and you won’t have to be worried about searching for a new one! Visit for sphero activity mat 1.

Honey bot: It is crucial to parents to help kids form good habits at an early stage. Honey bot is the first family educational robot designed especially for young kids distinguishing from other similar products. It has integrated augmented reality technology into interactive activities. For example, kids can draw a picture and then honey bot will recognize the object and turn it into animation with educational explanation and music. It has also incorporated augmented reality flashcards that are Flashcards with AR that help kids learn about diverse objects as honey bot will display on the screen in 3D form with explanation to help kids learn and memorize. Honey bot’s habit forming system was designed to help parents guide their kids to develop good habits easily.

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