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pallet racking inspection

Are you aware that pallet stacking calls for regular inspections every 12 months?

You can keep up with the upkeep and safety of your racking and shelving by utilising B&R Storage Systems’s services for pallet racking systems of all sizes.

It might be challenging to choose a dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced provider of pallet racking inspection Melbourne and safety inspections for your Melbourne warehouse. Working with the proper provider is crucial because without thorough pallet racking inspections and damage repairs, your employees’ safety could be in jeopardy. Since we have been in the pallet racking business for many years, we can assure you ensuring the strictest Australian safety rules are being followed by your pallet racking inspection Melbourne. We provide a variety of services to design the more practical, secure, and effective layout for your warehouse because we are the authorities on Melbourne Pallet Racking.

By doing regular inspections, uphold standards

Pallet racking must be inspected by a professional at least once every 12 months to ensure that it complies with Australian Standard AS-4084 for Steel Pallet Racking.

Regular inspections are by far the best method to protect your workers, your merchandise, and your resources from the dangers of defective shelf and storage systems. Our Melbourne pallet racking inspection equips your business with the knowledge it needs to keep an eye on the effects of routine operations.

During our examinations, we look for:

  • warning signs of forklift and other equipment collision damage
  • the elements that are degraded, lost, or displaced
  • Beams and posts that are crooked or out of place
  • Alteration or rust

We assist you make sure that the compliance aspects of your racking inspections and racking is all in addition to the overall state of and service ability of your pallet racking installations. With the help of our racking inspections service the inspectors also verify that it is appropriate as the inspections are conducted under realistic operational circumstances. At the conclusion, they produce a report on any damage and offer recommendations for how to repair it.

High quality services

B&R Storage Systems racking inspections is made to the highest standards and is intended to last for many years. However, racking has a chance of becoming damaged or out of place, endangering your employees as well as your company. Pallets need to be periodically inspected for signs of wear and tear since the constant loading and unloading of pallets can damage the strength, stability, and integrity of any storage system.

A legal necessity, routine racking inspections are not simply good business practise: All businesses are required by law to make sure that their workers are provided with safe working conditions and tools.

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