Importance Of Pre Purchase Inspections

pre purchase inspections

It is important to do a comprehensive inspection of the construction of the outside of your house. This involves checking for crawlspaces below the property, an examination of your roof, the seal of your windows and doors, and a variety of other things. Because your foundation may not be visible to the inspector, there is a good chance that he or she will be unable to assess the condition of your foundation. A qualified inspector, for the pre purchase inspections in Geelong, on the other hand, will be able to look for secondary symptoms of foundation problems, such as cracks or sinking in the structure.

When you grade the yard around your house, the slope should go away from the structure rather than toward it. The inspector for you pre purchase inspections in Geelong will be able to establish which direction your grading slopes and, as a result, how vulnerable your property is to being damaged by water. If the grading of your yard slopes toward your house, you will need to either adjust the slope of your yard or create a drainage system so that water may flow away from your house. Both options may be rather pricey, so it is important to research them well before making a house purchasing decision.

During the open house, it is quite unlikely that you were extended an invitation to climb a ladder and inspect the state of the roof. Your home inspector that you will hire for the pre purchase inspections in Geelong will be able to examine your roof in order to ascertain its age and condition, as well as any possible damage or poor installation that would let water damage to develop inside the house. They will also inspect the area surrounding your vents for any loose, missing, or improperly fastened shingles, as well as cracks or broken mastic. Not only does having a sturdy and reliable roof guard against damage caused by water, but it also protects against theft. In addition to this, it prevents pests from entering your house via the roof and from taking up residence in the attic.

Even if it may not seem to be that important, your garage is really an extension to your house and should be maintained in such a way that it functions well. Is there a problem with the way the garage door closes? Is it framed in a safe manner? All of these are items that will be checked for you during your home inspection that will done by the house inspector hired by you for pre purchase inspections in Geelong.

Last but not the least it is essential that your inspector for pre purchase inspections in Geelong examines all of the commodes, sinks, and showers to search for any obvious signs of water damage as well as to evaluate the level of water pressure. You will also be informed about the kind of pipes present in the house, should there be any pipes visible during the inspection. They may suggest an extra assessment be performed on the property if it has extremely old pipes to identify when or if the pipes need to be replaced and to provide a rough estimate of the cost of the repair.